Sandhill Crane Family with Adopted Gosling

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A glossy print featuring Sandhill Cranes and their adopted Canada Goose gosling mounted on a white beveled mat.

In early May 2019, a Sandhill Crane family hatched a Canada Goose egg. A couple of days later, their Sandhill Crane egg hatched. The Sandhill Cranes have adopted the Canada Goose gosling as one of their own. They are caring for it along with their Sandhill Crane chick (which is called a "colt.")

The colt and gosling are staying in step and are closely following their parents across a bridge.

The print is mounted with acid-free linen archival mounting tape.

The print does not have the Jocelyn Anderson Photography logo on the photo.

The back of the mat is stamped with the Jocelyn Anderson Photography logo.

The print comes in a plastic sleeve and ships in protective packaging. Shipping for this item is free.