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I recently received the Wingscapes AutoFeeder from the company for review! The box mentions that this can be used for feeding chickens. I don’t have any chickens so this review is for the wild birds. My first thought as I unboxed it: it’s huge! Lots of storage for food. It’s 3.5 pounds, and I wondered how my bird feeder stand would handle it when it was filled with food. It can hold a gallon's worth of seed. It took about five minutes to put together, and that was without looking at instructions (I am the sort that will look at...

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When I took a photo of a Red-winged Blackbird looking like it was hitching a ride on an Osprey's stick, I didn't realize how many people would enjoy it. I'm thrilled that so many have gotten a kick out of it. This moment was captured late Spring of 2021. I was watching a Great Blue Heron rookery, which is a colony of several nests. I noticed an Osprey flying along the north edge of the pond and then a Red-winged Blackbird flew up from the marsh to follow. These Blackbirds are very territorial and will chase off much bigger birds...

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Tips on how to hand feed birds.

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