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Two Photos Featured in the 2020 Audubon Society Awards: Top 100

I am very excited to have two of my photos chosen for the 2020 National Audubon Society's Photography Awards: Top 100!

My photo of the Sandhill Crane colt and the Canada Goose chick (which I call "the fuzzbutts"), and the photo of the Sandhill Crane with its heart-sharped crown were chosen out of over 6,000 photos.

Both of these photos are available for purchase on my site:


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  • Renee Dahl

    Omg you live in Michigan! ❤️ I just saw your video of feeding a red winged black bird peanuts fro your hand, and I thought “that looks like a park in Michigan!” ☺️
    (That looked like Kensington Metro Park)
    We use to feed the birds there in the winter, out of our hands, when our children were young! Your photos are so beautiful!
    We live in White Lake and we go to Indian Springs Metro Park frequently!
    Bird Lover here 🙋‍♀️ 🐦🦆🌞
    Best Regards! Renee

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